RealtimeBid AVIA-SYS LotRecorder

The RealtimeBid AVIA-SYS is a state-of-the-art Auction Video Indexing and Archival System which is used at many of the auctions where RTB is the Online Bidding Provider (and is easily used where there is another provider, as well). "Its almost like an NFL instant-replay-cam, for the auction business".

Recording Live video footage of your auctions is smart for many reasons, not only does it give you something to fall back to during customer disputes, its a great source for promotional material for advertising and websites. The only drawback to conducting video reviews has been the tedious review process to find footage of the right item when needed.

The AVIA-SYS is a unique combination of various hardware, software and installation components, which allows auctioneers to manually or automatically archive digital live-auction video and index it according to lot number, sequence number, etc - in realtime.

Furthermore, the AVIA-SYS can be completely automated and run without any user intervention by using triggers from 3rd party Auction systems (including CUS); or it can be semi-automated by defining and monitoring a user-defined file that can be actively changed/saved by a clerk in realtime.

In its fullest capacity, often used at car shows and other drive-thru or "ramp" style auctions, the system consists of as little as two, to as many as, 8 remote-controlled live PTZ video cameras per auction ring. There can be up to 4 cameras facing the stage or "Block" areas, showing the auctioneer with the items for sale from different angles - These views are most often used for live video streams to the web or to projector sized marquee displays near the block for viewing by the crowd. A second set of up to 4 cameras can be used to archive the different angles of the crowd with the items they are buying - These shots are often used for customer service situations where the auctioneers, buyers or sellers, need to review the auction's video archives to resolve a dispute or address a concern.

Cameras can be captioned with current time and date stamps for accurate cross-referencing to in=house live clerking and auction managment systems. These video feeds can be combined and split many ways according to the local viewing, Live streaming and archiving needs as well as the manpower and skillset available. The complete system can be run by as little as one skilled and parcticed person. Although each of the 8 cameras can have up to six preset positions stored in memory, and have them remotely recalled at the push of a button by an otherwise busy clerk; having a dedicated operator for the videos feeds alone is most desired, especially if they are to be displayed on marquees.

In the simplest version of the AVIA system, as far as camera video inputs are concerned, a single camera (including our RTB OASIScam Data-Imaging Camera usng "video-out", or a more complex PTZ camera) will funtion equally well. Often, these setups are only used for post-sale problem resolution, and "simple webcasts" where the need for "flash-factor" can be minimal. This version is most efficiant when unmanned and automated.

The core of the System is the combination of the RTB LotRecorder software for Windows PCs and a ruggedized video appliance, which allow for either manual or automated control of the indexing of recorded digital files. For Manual Operation, there are controls for easily incrementing/decrementing both lot numbers and "A-Lots" at the click of the button. For Automated Indexing Control, users can define a file path to monitor a "trigger file" for changes, and read the Lot number information from there.

In addition, certain video appliances can be easily setup to additionally stream your auction video to almost any screen in the industry, including Roku, Iphone, Ipad, blackberry, pc, in various formats including mpeg4, flash, windows media video, H264, and others.