Services offers a range of optional services that are beneficial to both Auctioneers and Online Bidders alike. Inspection and Data Verification Services are available to increase the overall accuracy of the Auctioneer’s sale day catalog data. This will strengthen the level of confidence for those off-site bidders who must rely entirely on the information provided to them. In a generally “as-is” auction world, building a good reputation for having reliable data is extremely important.

After many Years in the field, our solutions have been designed, tested, and optimized for today’s outdoor, mobile auction situations. Finally, Auctioneers can have confidence that their auction footage and data will be reliably broadcast to destinations of their choosing, including both On-site and remote locations. Additionally, bidders can be assured they are getting the very best Online webcast technology for even the most remote auction locations.

As we look toward the future and the ever-increasing demands of our customers, services such as inventory management and Online webcast inspections will be necessary tools for the buyers and auctioneers alike. With thses exciting new tools and techniques, potential buyers can have an opportunity to get as “close” to the item as possible without actually being there. We may not be able to guarantee the condition of an item, but we will provide the best logistics available in order to let the buyer make the most educated inspection and buying decisions possible. This will be an invaluable tool to all potential buyers.

When an auctioneer chooses one of our optional turn-key Online Auction Solutions, all required services are provided: from Personnel trained in Online Auction Clerking and Management, to the required equipment and associated computers. When a bid is made with a professional clerk, an clerk representing the internet, located at the auction site relays the bid, from the remote buyer to the auctioneer, as if the Online Buyer were making the bid in person. Many auctions presented by feature real-time streaming audio and video to give the true feeling of actually attending the live auction