Viewer Support: 407.705.2296.

Before you can view the catalog, watch the live feed or bid on auction day at an Online Auction presented by you must register to create an account with and request to attend that auction, or if you are already have an online bidder number with, you just need to request to attend an auction. 


You must request to view specific auction information.  Under the Auction Tools list on our home page, select view catalog or go to auction and the next page will prompt you for your email address and password.  Input those 2 items and click login.  If you have requested to attended an auction click on agree to terms and enter on the column at the auction of your choice and you will be taken to the 1st page of the catalog.  You need to sign up for that auction only once and thereafter simply input your email address and password to view the catalog or go to the live auction.  Unapproved bidders will not have full access on auction days.


In the initial registration process, presents Terms and Conditions which requires your review and agreement in order to participate in Online Auctions. The first step of the registration process is setting up your personalized account with  At the RTB home page Auction Tools section, click on register for auction and the online auction registration form will open.  Complete the information and at the bottom of the page you will be required to review and agree to the RTB terms and conditions for Online Bidding by checking the designated box and then click submit.   You are now registered and you will be directed to the next page to allow you access to the catalog and auction.  NOTE you are now an RTB online account holder and a number has been assigned to you.  An email will be generated to you immediately to confirm your action.  If you do not receive that email, please check your spam and security settings and contact us at 407.705.2296 if you need assistance.   Each time you want to login to view a catalog, just select the auction and input your email address and password and login. 

For any auction you wish to attend in the future, or catalogs you want to view, first, follow the steps to sign up for the auction.


Please Note: Do not wait until the last minute for approvals. It could take time for the approval process to complete.

Although you may have been registered and approved with in the past, each specific auction requires that you request online attendance in order to utilize all the features and all bidders must still comply with the auctioneer’s terms and conditions and other approval requirements such as bank letters for each auction in order to be approved to bid.

We have instituted a feed back system where auctioneers can provide basic feedback ratings to us about the general payment speed and reliability of any given buyer. As time passes, many registrants will gain a permanent status as a reliable buyer and will be more easily approved to bid at future auctions. As the auctioneer’s become more familiar with the online bidders as customers, many internet buyers will achieve “permanent” status with those auctioneers. As a convenience to an auctioneer’s valuable consignors and onsite bidders, any online bidder who provides a verifiable Auctioneer’s Buyer/Consignor Number to us will be automatically approved for bidding at that specific auction. If you know this information, please provide it at the time of registration in order to expedite the approval process. As we all know, things change over time and auctioneers will often require updated information for the approval process. Please understand that the timing and extent of these changes is the individual auctioneer’s decision, not ours.

Approval is gained by the following methods:  If an online bidder has a history with RTB or the Auctioneer of at least 5 successful online auction purchases, that will allow swift approval and may affect the need for a bid deposit or bank letter of guarantee.  Just call us at 407.705.2296 and tell us your status or have the specific auctioneer who will approve you call us.  All other online bidders will be required to make a Bid Deposit or provide a Bank Letter of Guarantee until a history is developed.

Some auctioneers have an online payment/place bid deposit option on their webpage for credit card hold deposits as well as their bank wire instructions for deposits.    For assistance with auctioneers who offer the bid deposit service, contact us at or contact the auctioneer for instructions.

An Example of a Bank Letter of Guarantee:

“(Customer Name) Bidder # is a customer in good standing at our bank. We will guarantee the payment of checks on this account (account number) up to (specify amount) dollar for purchase at the Auctioneers sale on (date) at (location). We hereby agree that no stop payment will be issued in conjunction with this letter.”

Print the name and signature of the bank officer on bank letterhead which includes the bank address and telephone number. Please write your user-name or the RTB Bidder number on the fax form to help expedite your approval and fax it to 407.956.4986.


On the day of the auction go to the Auction Tools section on our homepage and select go to auction.  You will be prompted for your email address and password and login.  When the catalog open, at the bottom left, click on “GO TO LIVE AUCTION NOW.” You will be prompted again for your email address and password to confirm your intention to possibly place your bids.  If you do not want to bid, do not input the email address or password again and you can view the live auction.

You will need the latest updated version of the Apple Quick Time Player for your web cast experience and for specific technical support questions, please email us at

We hope to see you there for live, video bidding online at !!! Our spring auction calendar is quickly filling up, so please come back and check our calendar often.  Call or email for info! 407.705.2296.  Last of all, HAPPY BIDDING EVERYONE