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RealtimeBid.com (RealtimeBid) offers many technological solutions that are entirely unique in the industry. Our advanced combination of hardware and software solutions is poised to revolutionize the way auctioneers prepare for, conduct, and review their auctions. These new offerings comprise RealtimeBid’s Online Auction Software Integrated Services (OASIS) Solution. See two of our newest components of the Solution below, keep checking back for more.

NEW! The RealtimeBid Auction Data-Imaging Camera System:
This system is built around a powerful, ruggedized 12.1MP Camera for Photo and Video Inspections. The advanced data functions of this camera allow for automatic renaming of photos out in the field, the seamless creation of Auction catalogs and Inventory spreadsheets - including easy integration with existing instals of Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking and other 3rd Party apps (sold seperately) for transcribing audio-to-text from recoded video clips, as well as completely automated ftp uploads of Online Auction catalog photos and videos. Our State-of-the-Art Auction Data-Imaging Camera Solution is destined to improve the auctioneer’s workflow by combining supirior optics barcode scanning, wireless networking, and Bluetooth pairing into one of the biggest time-saving tools that the Auction industry has ever seen. Click here for more info on the RTB Auction Data-Imaging Camera Solution.

NEW! The RealtimeBid Auction Lot Recording and Archival system:
This solution combines best of class Audio / Video equipment into a user-friendly and simple to use system. First, a high quality and reliable Pan/Tilt/Zoom video camera is combined with a compact space saving PA system. Next, we provide a hardware-based Digital Video Recorder with integrated PTZ camera controller which saves all video data to a PC for fast retrieval and review. Each video file is named for the LotNumber being filmed, so reviewing archived auction video files is extremely quick and easy. Click here for more info on the RTB Lot Recording and archival system.

Installation, Setup, and Support Services are offered for all of these items, as well as many other pieces of Auction networking and A/V equipment. From Wireless Auction Ring Connectivity for Auction toppers and trucks, to Webcasting live auctions to remote branch offices and beyond, we can tackle anything from simple tasks of wiring one vehicle, to performing complete auction site technology surveys. Click here for more information on RTB installation services for vehicles, drive-thru facilities, and main or remote offices.

RealtimeBid.com is an Auction-Specific IT consultation firm, as much as service provider. We are well equipped to fill the technological needs that most Auction companies are faced with: From audio / video equipment installations for both mobile and drive-thru auction sites, to advanced wired and wireless networking solutions which link up anything from mobile Auction Rings to remote branch offices in other states We strive to achieve the highest level of customer service and support in the industry; not only by providing the best live online auction experience available, but also providing all the equipment, logistics and information needed to keep today’s auctioneers on the forefront of technology.

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