The (RTB)Auction Calendar is located along the right side edge of every page on the site, below the "Auction Tools" section. The Calendar indicates the auction dates and locations where RTB is providing "public" online bidding services. There are many other auction dates and locations that are not listed, which utilize our products, technology, and services. Auctioneers have the option to go "public" and advertise their auction to the RTB community. Or, they can keep their auction "private" and not draw from (or to) the common RTB Bidder base. If you are looking for an auction which is not listed on the "public" calendar, please see the auctioneer for a specific link to the auction. is a provider of Live and Online Auction Solutions. We provide inspection and appraisal services as well as Auction Solutions. Please check our listings below for links to more information on our scheduled services. Join our Mail List to get updates on upcoming auctions and inventory! and stay updated on any future auctions presented by BIDDERS: Please check back here often for more information on upcoming auctions. If you enjoy our Solutions or Online experience, ask your favorite auctioneer when their next auction will be presented by AUCTIONEERS: Given the complex and specialized nature of our services, we must work very closely with Auctioneers, Data Staff, and Yard Managers alike. In order to provide the highest level of service/support possible, auctions presented by RealtimeBid may often require 2-3 days of equipment setup and inspection logistics. The amount of time required for each auction is dependant on the level of service and options required. Please email us today at to arrange a brief no-charge consultation on how we can help you.