Buyer Services (RTB) is a provider of Live and Online Auction Solutions. We can present auctions conducted by various auctioneers from locations all over the United States. Auctioneers may choose any one of the available software providers on the market, and/or use our services to help with all the technical logistics required to produce the auction. When an Online Bid is made with a professional clerk, someone located at the auction site relays your bid, on your behalf, to the auctioneer; as if you were in front of the auctioneer making the bid in person. We work with Auction firms to ensure the best online auction experience for their bidders, the clerks, and the auctioneers themselves.

Many auctions that are presented by will feature live streaming audio and video to give you the feeling of personally attending the auction. For most RealtimeBid auctions, we or the Auctioneer will provide an Online Auction Catalog with multiple pictures of each lot for review. You will have all the comforts of attending the auction and making the winning bid, without the hassles of travel and expenses.

Most online Bidding systems are user friendly and easy to navigate. Our Clerks are very well skilled in many of the popular bidder interfaces. The bidding system is usually a one time download and installation on your computer and you are a click away from the Live Online Auction of your choice.

On most of the bidding screens, you see the lot number and item up for auction, the current price and the asking price, the bid button and a live chat area from the auction clerk. There is a catalog listing showing the Lots in the auction and their status. On the bidding console, there is usually help available at the click of a button. Additionally, a live chat window is often available to open for private chat between the clerk and online bidder. Many of these features ultimately depend on the Software provider chosen by the auctioneer. offers live, real-time audio and video on auction day regardless of the Auctioneer’s Software Provider of choice. We provide a separate viewing page as a service to the auctioneer, their sellers, and the buyers. Depending on the internet connection speed and bandwidth usage concerns, a choice of streaming Audio / Video or just the audio only, is available in order to conserve the network resources. In the unlikely event that internet service conditions at the auction location prevent video webcast, audio only transmission will be used as conditions allow.

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The most important aspect of remote bidding of any sort, is the ability for a bidder to feel confident in what they are bidding on. Off-site bidders must rely entirely on the information provided to them about item being purchased. In today’s, “as is” auction world, having reliable data for off-site bidders is crucial.

Our Latest breakthrough allows us to efficiently gather detailed pre-recoded video clips of many major auction items. These online movie clips will provide accurate representations of the items as they sits at the auction facility. A number of clips will be taken of each piece including 360 degree external view shots, 360 internal view shots; both distant and POV operational videos. These clips will be an invaluable tool for Online Buyers to make more educated buying decisions.

Depending on the available internet bandwidth at a given auction site, we will be able to provide fee-based interactive webcast inspections of the items up for auction. Some Auctioneers will have the option to provide these as a service to their customers, otherwise, buyers can opt to purchase these services directly if RealtimeBid is already providing other services at the auction.

At every auction presented by, we publish the catalog descriptions as provided to us, unless our Auction Catalog Data Verification services have been selected by the auctioneer. In this case we provide feedback to the auctioneers and help verify that their Auction Catalog and Inventory Data are correct. Bidders can feel confident that Catalog Descriptions for RealTimeBid Verified items are not wrong, (limited to the make, model, and serial number).

In any case, we strive to provide the best possible tools to allow off-site bidders the opportunity to make the most educated inspection and bidding decisions possible.

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