Auctioneer's Services (RealtimeBid) is dedicated to providing auctioneers with the necessary technology, equipment, and logistics to produce Live and Online Auctions. With over 10 years in both the auction and technology industries, the team at RealtimeBid has developed many very rugged, dependable and robust mobile solutions. We employ the latest advances in technology to distribute reliable lot data, photos and real-time Audio/Video to both On-site and remote destinations. From public online webcasts, to remote tent bidding, to private, on-site, remote-viewings for owners; RealtimeBid has the ability to solve any data and Audio/Video connectivity need that may arise. We pride ourselves on the quality, mobility, and efficiency that our staff and services can provide. The services offered to auctioneers are as follow:

  • Hardware and Installation Solutions: Visit our unique selection of hardware solutions including Auction Data Imaging Camera Systems and IP-based Auction Video Lot Indexing and Recording systems.Technology Solutions:

  • High-speed Internet Access: We can bring the internet to you! Do you have a potential auction yard without phone lines or high-speed internet access? We can provide many of the possible internet connectivity options available; including most copper, wireless (WiFi, WiMAX, 3G, 4G) and satellite technologies. We can provide both Phone / VOIP and Internet/Data access almost ANYWHERE in the US.
  • Mobile Auction Ring Connectivity: Do you have mobile auction rings instead of an in-house or drive-by solution? If so, we can provide mobile wireless radios and long range wireless phones, for Voice/Data/Audio/Video distribution between mobile auction rings and main office. We can integrate terminal-based mobile wireless clerking into almost any Auction Management System.
  • Audio / Video Surveillance: We use both Analog and Digital Audio/Video surveillance technologies including stationary and remotely controlled PTZ camera systems, long range wireless microphones, and PA systems. We specialize in setting up mobile auction rings with streaming audio and video to the office, then out to the internet.
  • Audio / Video Distribution Logistics: Would you like to Display Auction footage in various locations throughout your office or property; or corporate network, including branch offices? We can easily and quickly setup the temporary distribution of Wired or Wireless Audio/Video feeds. These can be fed throughout main and branch office locations for display on PCs, handhelds, projectors, RGB CRTs, flat screen TVs, and conventional monitors.
  • Audio / Video Archiving: Want to record and archive auction footage for review later? We can provide Digital/Analog archiving of all recoded footage for later review. Time-Lapse analog and true 30fps digital Footage can be optionally recorded and archived.
  • Inspection Services: Struggling with the facts? Full range of pre-auction inspection services are available: from basic appraisals, to photos and inventory data verification, to pre-recorded Video On Demand Online movie clips of major items, to Real-time webcast inspections of items using the latest handhelds with integrated webcams. This allows for wireless 2-way, interactive inspections between the inspector at auction and a user on the web.
  • Automated Photo Acquisition, Indexing, and Renaming:Our State-of-the-Art Photo/Video Data Management Systems have been designed to work with all of the popular software vendor’s filename and size requirements. Additionally, modules have been specifically designed to work seamlessly with the CUS Auction Management System as well as RTB’s own in-house solution, providing an almost completely automated online catalog publishing process.
  • System Compatibility: Our systems are 100% compatible with all Online Auction Service Providers software. Regardless of the Online Auction Providers’ Software or bid broker service that is chosen, we can stream the proper real-time Audio/Video feeds to the PC responsible for “producing” the auction. If an existing Online Auction Service provider has not been selected, we can offer a full turn-key solution from equipment to software and clerking. We can also consult or provide options for various Online Clerking Services / Software. Additionally, we have experience with integration into many of the popular, in-house Auction Management systems. With our services, the logistical challenge of producing any Online Auction at even the most complex or remote of locations, is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Consultation Services / Product sales / Training: Would you like to internalize some of the above options yourself? After five successful trial runs with us, you will have a firm understanding of steps needed. Next, we will gladly consult with you to design your own in-house solution. From there, we can source and sell the proper equipment, provide training with the hardware and software, and give direction on best practice online clerking techniques.

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